translated from Spanish: DIF Morelia delivers to 150 marginalized colonies, food assistance

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Morelia, Mich.-The DIF system of Morelia currently serves more than 10600 families of 150 colonies of high marginalization.
The honorary president of the DIF Morelia, Rosalva Vidal Pérez, commented that one of the main objectives of the city of Morelia, is to support the families Morelia who really need it, so that through food assistance, is attending to As many families as possible in a state of vulnerability.
«From the DIF Morelia we have been very attentive in this sense, delivering the food pantry boxes Monthly, through the program of assistance to families in distress.»
Vidal Pérez, stressed that it is a priority of the Government of Morelia to provide families in this municipality social security, so it will continue to work to generate the conditions necessary for the future are less families that require this type of Supports.
The press release highlighted that the food pantry for tripartite support between the federal, state and municipal government, mainly caters to people with disabilities, older adults, families with children under 14 years of age and mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Source: Expresso Monitor

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