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On May 9, 1996.-The Peruvian-Spanish writer Mario Vargas Llosa, Peace Prize of the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Germany.

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Other anniversaries: 1502.-Christopher Columbus leaves Cadiz on his fourth trip to America. 1551.-establishment of the University of Lima (Peru). 1788.-Parliamentary motion in England for the abolition of slave trade. 1805.-Die Johann Christoph Fredrich von Schiller, German poet. 1846.-American General Zachary Taylor, later president of the USA, defeats Mexican troops near Matamoros, at the mouth of Rio Grande do Norte. 1850.-Die Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac, physicist and chemist French. 1883.-José Ortega y Gasset is born, Spanish writer and philosopher. 1926.-The Americans Richard E. Byrd and Floyd Bennet fly over the North Pole for the first time. 1936.-The King of Italy, Victor Manuel III, is proclaimed Emperor of Ethiopia by the Council Fascist and Marshal Badoglio viceroy of that country.-The German airship «Hindenburg» carries out the flight Frankfurt-New York. 1940.-Second World War: British troops occupy Iceland and the Faroe Islands.-Hitler authorizes euthanasia in Germany. 1943.-A Fire destroys the National Library of Peru. 1946.-The King of Italy, Victor Manuel III, abdicates in his son, the Prince of Piedmont, who proclaims himself Humberto II. 1960.-The U.S. State Department of Health announces the approval of Enovid 10 mg for contraceptive use. 1962.-Swears the position of President of Costa Rica Francisco J. Orlich Bolmarich. 1967.-Cassius Clay-Mohamed Ali-is deprived of his title of World boxing champion by the governing bodies in the U.S., for refusing to lend Military service at risk of going to Vietnam. 1968.-Violent clashes between police, workers and students in Paris, with 367 injured and more than 700 mild. 1972.-The President of the United States, Richard Nixon, ordered the blockade and mining of the ports of Vietnam of the North. 1974.-The Prime Minister of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, is overthrown by a motion of censure. 1978.-The corpse of Aldo Moro appears in Rome, assassinated by the Red Brigades after 55 days of kidnapping. 1985.-European Heads of State and Government decide in Milan Commemorate May 9 as «Day of Europe», in memory of the «Schuman Declaration» (1950). 1987.-183 people die when a plane from the Polish company LOT crashes, after taking off from Warsaw Airport. 1989.-Troops loyal to the constitutional government of Guatemala, which presides Vinicio Cerezo, disarticulates a coup attempt by a group of officers expelled from the FAS. 1993.-Triumph of the official party Colorado in the first presidential and legislative elections in Paraguay in 40 years. 1997.-Dies Marco Ferreri, Italian filmmaker. 2001.-Manuel Moreno Fraginals dies, Cuban historian. 2003.-a series of terrorist attacks in chains against the Colombian electricity network causes 4 dead and leaves part of the country without light. 2004.-The President of Chechnya, Ajmad Kadyrov, dies in a bomb attack, during the celebrations of the 59 anniversary of the victory in the SECOND World War in the stadium of Grozny.-Estonia becomes the country number 15 that approves the European Constitution. 2007.-The Prime Minister and Nobel Peace 1996 , José Ramos Horta, wins the presidential election in East Timor.-Anibal Sampayo, a Uruguayan singer, dies.

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