translated from Spanish: Find the body of a young man shot dead in Sinaloa

Sinaloa de Leyva, Sinaloa.-The body of a dead youth and so far unidentified was found at the height of Rancho El Scorpion, in the Sindicatura of Adolfo Ruiz Headrail. The deceased today was lying face-down surrounded by weeds, the body of the stranger was In a state of decay. The body, which looked like a young man’s face, was lying on the ground and with bullet impacts on the head and back. Around 16:34 hours, people who were moving around the place in mention, reported the finding to the authorities, after which municipal agents moved to confirm. At the time of its location the body wore denim jeans and grey-colored shirt.

When locating the body the police requested the presence of personnel of the attorney General of the state, who took care of the corresponding tasks. After police officers went to the place where the inert body of the unfortunate was located, the area was cordoned off, moments after experts carried out the respective. At first glance they realized that the body belonged to an older man, of sturdy build, which presented two impacts of firearm in front and back. Among his characteristic features he carried a tattoo on the right forearm with the name of Lupita. So far the unfortunate has not been identified is not known as happened the facts that ended his life. The body was transferred by funeral staff, where they would practice the necropsy that is determined by law, as well as the rest of the wake process.

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