translated from Spanish: Free Neurobionta injection operation for older than 50 years

Within the commitment they have with their neighbors at the time D and to improve them, without cost, the quality of life and thus to better confront the diseases in a preventive way, «in a clear, strong and constant sign of concern with our neighbors and older adults, we will deploy a series of operatives, in various Points of the commune, so that they receive their free dose of Neurobionta, «explained the mayor of Florida, Rodolfo Carter.
The Community chief also pointed out that with this deployment on the public thoroughfare, for adults over 50 years old, it is intended to «strengthen the health of this group of people so that they can face the winter safely».
According to what they explained from the health area of the Municipal Corporation, the Neurobionta helps to reduce some nerve pains such as lumbagos or other muscular ailments. In addition, it becomes necessary for people who have deficits of food absorption or in their diets low in vitamin B. It even contributes to optimize the functioning of the various systems of the organism.
In practice, Vitamina delivers a sense of wellbeing in people at high risk of disease; Also for people who have a lot of contact with other human beings and who have possibilities of cold in winter.
«The neighbors have commented to me, after other experiences with these operatives, that this medicine makes them feel safer to pass the cold. And our goal, precisely, is to give them relief to our older adults, «said Carter.
Strengthens the Heart
Neurobionta is a vitamin compound that «delivers energy to the organism, strengthens the heart, the bone, nervous and digestive system. This, thanks to vitamins B1, B6 and B12, which, through the injection applied in the patient, elevate the quality of life and maximize the capacities of the human being. »
In turn, the head of health of the Municipal Corporation of Florida (COMUDEF), Alfredo Bravo, said that «we owe to our neighbors and neighbours 24 hours a day. Our job is to enhance their daily lives and solve the problems that bring about diseases. »
Paula Jara is one of the people who attended the Villa Los Arcos to receive their dose of vitamin. His joy at the deployment was total. «Imagine: one has many aches and pains in the body. Now I can do more gymnastics. I’m super thankful. »
In turn, Nancy Rodriguez commented that this operation «is great, you do not have the means to put these injections and now I can prepare for the winter. I can go out and enjoy. »
Meanwhile, neighboring Juan Fuentes also valued the initiative. «Many older adults find it difficult to mobilize, take micro, so it is good that they bring health closer to the neighborhoods. Now I will have more energy to do things in winter, «said the Floridan.
It is projected that these operatives will reach a figure of 20,000 beneficiaries, men and women who live in the commune.

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