translated from Spanish: «I believe»: to reflect on the diversity of beliefs

From today, May 9, and for two months, the Centro Cultural Recoleta becomes a space for reflection to ask, along with various artists, communities and referents of thought, on the diversity of beliefs. Why do we believe in what we believe? We believe in Gods and stars, in ancient myths and rites, in popular traditions and legends, in superior entities and magic symbols, in amulets, in luck, in Destiny, in astral letters, mantras and words that heal, in philosophies, systems of thought. Each belief is own, unique and personal. «I Believe» is the campaign launched by the Recoelta to celebrate and understand that diversity, to connect with the spiritual. There will be talks and lectures by Darío Sztajnszrajber, Ludovica Squirru, Adam Jodorowsky and Hugo Mujica, as well as workshops, fairs, exhibitions and shows.

On Thursdays there will be parties that will cross yoga, meditation, electronic music and astrology. On Fridays, concert cycles with artists of gospel music like AfroSound Gospel Choir, traditional music of the Jewish villages Ashkenazi with Trembles the Mohel and Mapuche music with the singer Beatriz Pichi Malén. There will also be workshops to create mandalas with Ornamental watercolor, Draw tarot cards, create home altars and know in depth the worldview of indigenous peoples. There will also be readings, performances, fairs and film cycles with films that reflect on our way of life and encourage the search for inner happiness. Conferences
Tuesday 28.05 Spiritual foundation of Argentina with WorldViews China, Maya, Mapuche and Assyrian Caldea, by Ludovica Squirru 19 HS. | Terrace | Limited capacity | Not suspended by rain | Wednesday 19.06 God, a deconstruction by Dario Z 19 HS. | Terrace | Limited capacity | Free admission | Withdrawal of tickets Friday 14.06 from the 15 HS by the ticket office of Azcuénaga and Pueyrredón | Rain Suspended | The rescheduling of the activity will be announced by web and networks of Recoleta | Your ticket is for this new date. Friday May 24: A Faith without hope, by Hugo Mujica 19 HS. | Chapel | Limited capacity | Free admission | I retire an hour before by ticket office. Friday 24 of May: Constellation of the Faith, by Adan Jodorowsky 20 HS. | Terrace | Limited capacity | Tickets are removed on Wednesday, May 22nd from 15 pm. By the ticket office of Azcuénaga and Pueyrredón | Suspended for rain and rescheduled for Saturday, 25.05 | Your ticket is for that new date. Friday 31 May: Santa Fe, by Marcos López 20:30 HS. | Sala Cronopios | Limited capacity | Free admission | I retire an hour before by ticket office. Friday 14 June: SerFeando, by Paloma del Cerro 20:30 HS. | Sala Cronopios | Limited capacity | Free admission | I retire two hours before by ticket office. Immersive music: cycle of sound spirituality
Friday 17 May: AfroSound Gospel Choir 19:30 HS. | CapillaViernes May 31: Beatriz Pichi Malen 19:30 HS. | CapillaViernes June 14: Ekeko Nation. 19:30 HS. | Sala CronopiosViernes 28 June: Kaleema 19:30 HS. | Sala Cronopios

Friday 17 May: AfroSound Gospel Choir 19:30 HS. | Chapel.

Thursday, May 16: Finding Joe by Patrick Takaya Solomon. Thursday, May 23: Heal of Kelly Noonan Gores. Thursday, June 6: Walk with me from Marc Francis and Max Pugh. Thursday, June 13: The end of the selfishness of Jesse Roesler. Thursday, June 20: Mantra, sounds into silence de Georgia Wyss. Workshops
Saturday May 11: Draw your own Tarot deck, by Sofia «the Watson». 15 hours. | Drawing room. Limited capacity. With pre-registration. Sunday 12 May: The Tarot initiation, by Dalia F. Walker. 15 to 18 hours. | Patio de los Naranjos. Limited capacity. Rain is suspended.  Web and network rescheduling is announced. Saturday 18 May: Worldview of indigenous peoples, by Rosalía Gutiérrez. CEPNA. Community of First Nations students of America. 15 hours. | Patio de los Naranjos. Saturday June 8th: Watercolor Mandalas, by Vladimir Merchensky. 15 hours. | Drawing space. Saturday 15 June: What good is a corner of the house is an altar?, by Catalina León. 15 to 18 hours. | Drawing room. Saturday June 22: Reading performative of the Smorfia, by Santy eMePeCe. 15 HS. | Drawing room.

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