translated from Spanish: IMF denied versions of renegotiation of agreement with Argentina

The spokesman for the International Monetary Fund, Gerry Rice, said that «there are no talks» about a renegotiation of the agreement with Argentina and that they are «focused on the implementation of the current program that is designed in such a way that the country may Enforce its obligations. » During the weekly conference with accredited journalists in Washington, the IMF representative said that «important goals were achieved, especially the reduction of macroeconomic vulnerabilities and internal and fiscal imbalances.» 
«I can’t speculate on another scenario,» Rice said and added, «We’re concentrating on the current payment scheme and it’s being fulfilled.»

The fund spokesman said he did not want to underestimate the challenges facing Argentina but noted that «the effort that Argentina is making to have a more open economy has been more complex than anticipated.» Argentine journalists consulted him on the continuation of the agreement, after some comments from local analysts and the opposition, in the face of the result of the presidential elections that will take place in October. Starting next year, Argentina will begin to return to the IMF about U $ S 22 billion of the loan granted to the country, a program that totals close to U $ S 57 billion. Rice said that from the agency they tried to be «flexible and pragmatic about the adjustments that can be made» to «strengthen the implementation of the program», at a time when a mission of the Fund (the Fourth of the program) led by Roberto Cardarelli, was Located in Argentina. The head for the Western hemisphere of the organism, Alejandro Werner, also arrived in Buenos Aires to evaluate the fulfillment of the goals and determine if there is a green light to turn a new U $ S 5.4 billion in June.
«We believe that the implementation of the programme will lay the foundations for Argentina’s economic recovery and sustainable growth,» Rice concluded.
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