translated from Spanish: Juana Viale: «I am a mother of three children, and I have great food consumption»

The constant increase of products and services affects all people. To a greater or lesser extent, from various workers to well-known personalities, they express how they are affected by the current situation in Argentina.
In previous occasions actors like Alfredo and Florencia Peña gave their opinion on the crisis and how it impacts them. Recently, the model Luciana Salazar thanked to have two jobs, because one only enough to pay their taxes, and the other to live. Juana Viale was consulted about it. «What reduced expenses?» They asked him from a mobile with the angels of the morning. «All,» he answered. «I am a mother of three children, and I have great food consumption. I have a vegan daughter and I’m a vegetarian. So the products we consume have made a lot more expensive, «he went on.
The actress admitted that she felt the increases, despite the lifestyle she chose. «I was always pretty gasolera,» he says, adding that he didn’t have the habit of buying too much clothes. «I go little to the supermarket, usually I go to dietetics and that sort of thing,» he counted. However, he warned that the expenses he cannot reduce are the ones that the car requires. «I am like the Uber of my family because I carry and bring three children at different times, all day and I can not stop doing so,» he closed.

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