translated from Spanish: Martín Lousteau: «I will be where the coalition tells me I contribute more»

Lousteau’s political future seems to begin to be defined. In the last few hours, and after speculating a few months ago with an eventual departure from change, the national congressman seems closer and closer to the Government alliance. In this sense, the former minister of Economy and National deputy, remarked his support for the dialogue initiative led by President Mauricio Macri in the last days from which he summoned the entire national political arch. In dialogue with TN, who will serve as ambassador to the United States, said that the definition of these 10 points of agreement «do not run the axis» of the concerns of Argentine society «on the economy, as it is a reality that knocks on the door every day» .

«It is an alternative to tackle the problem of Argentina, which is much deeper. And I say, if we are able to build something wider than what we have today, I will be in the place where the coalition tells me that I most contribute, even if it is not the place I like the most, «said Lousteau. If there is something broader where we know what a collective course to take, is specified in policies and we will share the cost, I will be where the broader coalition demands it, «he marked at this point, dismissing a potential presidential candidacy. In this sense, the national legislator understands that «what we must do is try to contribute, especially when you have a different diagnosis; Contribute to something that requires a capacity to convene on a larger scale, because it 45 years ago that Argentina is the least growing country in the world. » Remember that the political journey of Lousteau began as Minister of Production and chief of Cabinet of the province of Buenos Aires during the government of Felipe Solá. During the first term of Cristina Kirchner was Minister of Economy with 37 years, the youngest in the history of the country. Waiver in April 2008, in the midst of the agricultural lock-out.

With the political front of UNITE is elected national deputy for 2013. However, in 2015 resignation to be, first candidate for head of government by the city (loses with Larreta for less than three points) and then designated as ambassador in the United States. To that charge also waives, this time to compete in the elections Legislative of the 2017 when it decided to launch its candidacy to national deputy by the front evolution conformed by the Radical Civic Union and the Socialist Party. In a beginning Lousteau wanted to compete in an intern within change but the PRO and the Coalition Civic denied it. It leaves third with 12.43, 3% of the votes. In this note:

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