translated from Spanish: Mayor of Navolato celebrates mothers for their day

Navolato, Sinaloa.-As a way of recognising their work and the double effort they make daily to maintain the proper functioning in the different areas of the city Council and municipal dependencies, and in the education and care of their children, the Mayor of Navolato, Eliazar Gutiérrez Angulo celebrated all the mothers in advance with a breakfast, live music… And quite a bit of fun. The first mayor Navolatense, together with the president of the DIF Municipal system Maria Martha Gutierrez gave all the moms a red rose, as a sign of respect, love, and recognition for Mother’s Day. During his message, the municipal President Eliazar Gutierrez said «I don’t have my mother here on Earth, but in my heart and in all my family will always live, we know that mothers keep a very special memory in our hearts and there is nothing in life or in the world that can resemble this celebration. Thank God, today we have the great opportunity to be with you celebrating Mother’s Day. » Celebrating, or remembering a mother, said are the greatest feelings that God has sown to human beings, «and that is why we will always be eternally grateful to our mothers.»

The mayor lived with all the mothers who attended the event. Photo: Courtesy

Eliazar Gutiérrez took advantage of the meeting to thank all the mothers present to be part of their work team in the city council and municipal dependencies, and always be with all the willingness and willingness to attend to the citizens to demonstrate the True change demanded by the people of Navolato.

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