translated from Spanish: Michoacan owes the ISSSTE more than 4MMDP per worker dues

Morelia, Michoacán.-In the face of the crisis that lives the ISSSTE, members of the National Association of Successors called on debtors to pay, since Michoacán is registered as the third State in the country, debtor of workers ‘ employer dues.
At press conference Venancio Morales ZUÑIGA President of the Association urged a thorough review of the institution as he said that remains corruption and neglect of successors, with lack of drugs and supplies, so he said, requires a Major surgery.
Although he acknowledged that the situation is not exclusive to Michoacán, he recalled that the Federation has a warning that in October the institution will fall into its worst crisis.
In this regard, Álvaro García Zamora, national secretary of ANDEISSSTE recalled that the institute charges a deficit of 20 billion pesos and has an annual budget of 332 billion.
He explained that Michoacan owes the ISSSTE 4.556 billion of pesos for employer dues that governments and municipalities do not pay
«There is a national debt of 46.6 billion pesos, the first debtor state is Veracruz with 12000 144 billion and then Guerrero with little more than 9 billion; Mexico City owes little less than Michoacan with 4.2 billion pesos. »
These are amounts that the federation’s Superior audit has not reported, «so we call on them to help the financial rescue of the institution and pay the debts.
In this framework, Daniel Morales Torres was presented as special delegate of ANDEISSSTE, who made available his data to help the successors, since he said that they will work to improve the attention and to look for the debts to be paid, «the city Council Of Uruapan is an important debtor, «he said.
He also noted that there are 10 medical units among them Zacapu, Sahuayo, La Piedad, Zamora, Apatzingán, Lázaro Cárdenas, with serious problems.
«We want to open the emergency area in the old Hospital Vasco de Quiroga, and not by force go to Atapaneo, because in the course of patients have died.»
So he made available his cell phone number 4431672195 and mail [email protected] To receive complaints and respond.

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