translated from Spanish: Necaxa hits first

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Aguascalientes.-Necaxa emerged victorious in the stadium Victoria by taking advantage of the numerical superiority and defeat striped in the way of the quarterfinals of the closing 2019 of the league MX.
Those led by Diego Alonso went to the field pressuring the local and stealing the ball to spin passes in the center of the court forward, but without causing danger to the frame defended by Hugo Gonzalez. Avilés Hurtado and Dorlan Pabón tried for the bands but in the last section of the court the ideas did not flow.
For his part, Necaxa tried through Daniel Alvarez, who entered only by the right band and pulled powerful shot that saved Barovero with the right hand to divert the danger.
Streaked he stayed with ten men at 39 ‘, when in less than five minutes, Avilés Hurtado became creditor of double yellow card; The last by a strong stomp to Fernando Gonzalez.
That influenced the rest of the game, since Monterrey was broken by the Rays and before half time, Cristian Calderón took advantage of a center of the ‘ noodle ‘ Alvarez to get into the area, get up in the skies and pierce the nets of Barovero.
In the second part, Barovero was a key piece for the Monterrey not to go home with a wider marker. The Argentine goalkeeper stopped a couple of auctions; The first of Kevin Mercado at the beginning of the second time and the other in the final minutes of the encounter in charge of the loots of Calderon.
At 69 ‘, Luis Gallegos was injured and Memo Vázquez gave Hibert Ruiz access to continue to balance in the middle field.
In the final minutes, Rayad tried to react and to 83 ‘, César Montes was close to tying the game, however, Gonzalez made the stop of the meeting to take the advantage of the steel giant.
With this result, Necaxa takes a slight advantage to Monterrey that can increase if you get a goal of visitor, while, scratched will have to maintain the zero and win by any marker, as that would give the semi-finals pass by the second criterion of Tie-off: The position of the table.
Source: Univision

#VideoGol | #NECvsMTY | #4tosDeFinal | 1-0 | #LIGABancomerMX | The annotation of Cristian Calderón that gives us the advantage to rest.
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