translated from Spanish: Operation “Hinge”: Deputies RN request to comptroller to be pronounced on responsibility of gendarmerie in VIP spaces of Hill 2

Following the operation “Hinge”, the deputies of Renovació n Nacional Gonzalo Fuenzalida and Paulina Núñez arrived until comptrollership to pronounce, by means of an opinion, on the eventual responsibilities of the officials against the irregularities that were detached in the case, which allowed to dismantle A true narco shelter inside Hill 2, where inmates enjoyed special privileges.
“Apart from the shocking that convicted criminals may live in VIP prisons, with all access to luxuries, drugs and alcohol, which is not allowed, is the lack of state in those places. That is, the state is not able to control those spaces. It is not able to enter, because in Hill 2 they had closed, even for the gendarmes, “said Deputy Fuenzalida.
In that sense, the legislator wondered if the situation that was discovered in Hill 2 occurs in other prisons in the country, so “that’s why we came today to the comptroller, because this does have to make a plan of control, because here are officials that have a role and are not doing it right. ”
The text given in the regulatory body states that these “reported irregularities have remained in time. Since the year 2007 we have been reporting a number of privilege conditions inside the Beta module. When prosecutor Monica Maldonado warned that, indeed, the inhabitants of this module had a number of privileges, intervening with strategies to reverse this situation without success as it is possible to ascertain. ”
Also, Fuenzalida stressed that the Minister of Justice Hernán Larraín and the current director, Colonel Christian Alveal, “had the trousers to face this. At least they have taken a first step and we are going to support this from another point of view, which is to demand the action of the Comptroller in auditing. This is good news and a very first step, but you have to follow. ”
Meanwhile, for Congresswoman Paulina Núñez, “The serious thing here is the existence of lack of state control in some precincts. What cannot happen in Chile is that drug traffickers lead their organizations outside and inside the prisons. ”
“We have come to ask the Comptroller to initiate its own ‘ Operation Hinge ‘, because it cannot be oblivious to what is happening in our country’s prisons. There is an institution that is behind it, there are public officials, that the vast majority are destined to do well their work, but there are some that have unfortunately been left corrupted, “the legislator added.
Parliamentarians also requested that a new administrative summary be instructed and that measures be taken to prevent and reverse this type of irregularities, but in time, in the face of the failure of previous measures as happened in the year 2007 such As the presentation points out.

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