translated from Spanish: References and former ministers of Christian Democracy Dan Accolade to Piñera

This Thursday President Sebastián Piñera met in the currency with the team of researchers of the Latin American Studies Corporation (Cieplan), which has several former ministers of States linked to Christian democracy. Among those who attended the meeting were the President of Cieplan and former minister of Finance, Alejandro Foxley; René Cortázar, Ignacio Walker and the former ministers of Segpres, Hacienda and education during the government of Eduardo Frei, Genaro Arriagada, Eduardo Aninat and José Pablo Arellano, respectively. What is striking about the meeting is that it occurs at a time when there are important reforms in Congress, such as labor, pension and tax, and have not been supported by the opposition. In that context, the President received a accolade of Foxley at the exit of the meeting, when he referred to the vote on the idea of legislating pension reform. «We must approve the idea of legislating and then see how to improve what is there, that is what people expect from politicians,» said the former minister, according to the third. What the government would seek is to repeat what happened with the tax reform, where thanks to the votes of the DC the idea of legislating was approved.

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