translated from Spanish: Residents of the village of Xoco demand to cancel works of Mítikah

Dozens of residents of the colony Xoco closed during the morning of this Thursday the access to the street Real of entail and three lanes of the Avenue University, in protest by the irregular logging of at least 54 trees, made by the real estate Mítikah.
With banners that say, «Claudia (Sheinbaum): The people of Xoco supports you, not Mítikah» and «massacre in Xoco by voracious real estate,» the neighbors demand that the actions of the company, which qualify as «ecocide», are punished and canceled definitively The works.
The disgruntled informed Political Animal That the height that Mítikah wants to build on Real de entail until the entrance of his tower, includes a central courtyard with a fountain, which, according to them, «only serve to decorate, but not benefit the mobility of the inhabitants of Xoco».
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Another of the actions that the company plans to do, count the neighbors, is to remove the trees that surround the perimeter fence of BBVA Bancomer, located in the same street, in order to build a new access lane to the town of Xoco, because the overpass will reduce the Pacio for local residents.
During the demonstration there was an altercation after a neighbor from the same colony tried to get out of the Calle Real de entail to go to the doctor and his step was prevented. After a few minutes of discussion with the protesters, the neighbor was helped by transit elements and managed to leave the area.
In an interview, René Rivas, representative of the town of Xoco and neighbour of the Colonia General Pedro Maria Anaya, commented that Mítikah has worked in three stages since 2009: The first consisted in the construction of a building next to the San Angel Inn Hospital; The second included the construction of a 65-story building, another of 35 buildings, a heliport, and another 11-storey building that will house as medical clinics. This second stage includes the Mítikah tower.  
The third stage contemplates the construction of after two towers very close to Avenida Universidad.
René realized that they noticed the irregular logging after the 1st of May arrived staff of the company with pruning equipment and the next day began to cut the trees. Between 3 and 4 May the workers placed steel fences on the traffic refuge de Real de entail and achieved the logging of the 54 trees. «Everything was done by a staff of between 70 and 80 people,» he recalls.
The project of the company Mítikah contemplates an area of 4799 square meters and construction of 3269 square meters.
The term of the works was scheduled for the end of 2019. In some Internet sites of sale of properties are offered the departments of Mítikah from 5 to 25 million of pesos.
In recent weeks, the company began work for the construction of an overpass from the University Avenue, to the entrance of the tower, for which they needed to cut dozens of trees located in the Calle Real de entail.
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Last Saturday, nine of his employees were arrested by capital authorities when they were surprised when they climbed the felled trees to two vans. The workers fell at least 54 trees.
The employees showed a temporary permit of environmental impact, issued by the secretariat of the Environment (Sedema) in November 2018, which also needed the authorization of the Secretariat of Mobility (SUBMOVI) and the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), But the company did not comply with it so the logging of the trees was made in an irregular manner.
Fiber One, the real estate investment trust that invested in the Mítikah project, reported that the nine employees were released on Tuesday to determine that they did not commit any illegal conduct, although this Wednesday the PGJCDMX reported that It will appeal the auto of non-linkage to the process of the alleged perpetrators.
In addition, the decentralized prosecutor’s Office for Investigation of Environmental and urban protection crimes will continue to investigate the case, in order to determine the criminal liability of the moral person, to identify other probable participants and, Same way, take them to the control judge.
As part of these investigations, the procurator of the Environment and the Territorial planning of Mexico City (PAOT), previously denounced the prosecutor’s office the logging of 13 more trees in the same area, so that the corresponding inquiries were started.
Meanwhile, the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum, described the logging of the 54 trees as an action «with Dolo» and above the law, so he assured that the appropriate investigations will be made to dictate administrative sentences and Appropriate penalties.

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