translated from Spanish: Scout Targets LGBT Community

Companies want to recruit diverse talent. This feature is being valued by investors worldwide and the actions of companies that have real plans of inclusion, gender and openness of criteria, are gaining accelerated paces the race for recognition.
In this context the LGBT community is taking a leading role in corporate culture. So much so that in Chile companies are «hunting» talents with special emphasis in this community.
Through the Twitter of Pride Conection, a recruitment event of the consultancy McKinsey in Santiago is convened.
This is GLAM, a meeting that seeks to connect and bring together students and young professionals, who identify as LGBT in Chile and aspire to develop to the maximum their capacities. «During the event, you can learn about the professional development opportunities we have, understand more details of the consulting industry and most importantly, you will have the opportunity to talk with LGBT consultants from the office, who share His personal and work experience during his career at the firm, «says the call.
The event is an informal meeting that will be held on May 16th as a «happy hour» style for professional networking.

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