translated from Spanish: «Today I do not have to be and will have to assume»: the resignation of Herrera to the loss of the Blue arch

The crisis at the Blue Sports Centre Caló Hondo, as its Maximum reference and captain, Johnny Herrera, will not be part of the team in the next game to Coquimbo United, after years in which owned the blue bow.
«It is a difficult time of the club and obviously you have to support from where you are, are things that happen, football things, today I do not have to be and will have to assume, as simple», said the goalkeeper at the exit of the CDA.
In relation to the conversation that he maintained that the technician Alfredo Arias on his marginalization, Herrera avoided referring to that. «I’ve talked to a lot of technicians in my life and I’ve never been out to air something, now it’s not going to be the exception,» he said.
«If your decision is right or it doesn’t matter, I will not delve into the situation of responsibilities because I don’t think I am for that,» he added.
Regarding the sports crisis in which the secular table is immersed, which keeps it in the last place Yen direct descent zone, Herrera said that «here is a greater good that is our club, obviously we are all lined up to pull this off».
The person in charge of replacing the blue Idol will be the exarcher of San Luis de Quillota, Argentine nationalized Chilean Fernando de Paul.

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