translated from Spanish: «Watchmen»: First Game of Thrones HBO replacement trailer

Game of Thrones is two weeks from the end and HBO has already started to warm up the screen with the next big series of this 2019. Today the chain launched the first trailer of Watchmen, the «non-adaptation» of Damon Lindelof («Lost») of the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. We say «non-adaptation» because, unlike Zack Snyder, Lindelof made it clear from the announcement of the series that his Intention was not to make a direct adaptation of the original work, but to make a reinterpretation of the history and the characters respecting part of the aesthetics and the visual tone. » Those volumes [que componen Watchmen] They are sacred terrain and will not be withdrawn, recreated or reproduced, «explained the filmmaker in an extensive letter sent to fans published in his Instagram account. «But they will be remix. On the basis of these issues is too good and we would be fools if not use. Those twelve original numbers are our Old Testament. When the New Testament came he did not erase the foregoing. »

The images of the trailer seem to account for it. While the original work was developed in 1985, this new version moves the action to a 2019 in which the relentless Rorschach has become a cult figure and the vigilantes have been definitively banned — replaced, in appearance, by forces of Security that hide his face behind masks to manage with the same impunity of those. » We are nobody, we are all, and we are invisible, «says the manifesto of the followers, a group clearly inspired by current organizations such as Anonymous, the collective of hackers known for their attacks on institutions and government agencies. The trailer shows some of the new characters, such as looking Glass (played by Tim Blake Nelson), Angela Abar (Regina King) and Pirate Jenny (Adelaide Clemens), and old acquaintances like Ozymandias (a major version of the villain of the graphic novel Played in the series by Jeremy Irons). In addition there are numerous references that fans of the original work will recognize immediately: the pocket watch that marks five minutes for twelve, the yellow masks that remind the button of the comedian, what appears to be the ship of Night OWL, and a flag Pirate who could refer to Tales of the Black Freighter, the pirate comic that existed in the world of Watchmen. Watchmen has not yet released a confirmed release date. You will come to the HBO screen during our spring. In this note:

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