translated from Spanish: Which politicians, social and cultural referents accompanied Cristina

The International Book Fair of Buenos Aires was the scene of one of the most outstanding political events of recent weeks: the presentation of Sincerely, the book of former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, edited by Penguin Random House. In the Sala Jorge Luis Borges, in the land that the Rural society has in Palermo, there were over a thousand guests from different sectors. The first row surprised the presence of the entrepreneur Daniel Vila, one of the owners of the media Group America; A few seats were located the president of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Allotto; Also Taty Almeida, of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo founding line; Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel; The former Supreme Court judge, Raúl Zaffaroni and a few rows further back the owner of the Teachers Guild Bonaerenses, Roberto Baradel. Among the political leaders who witnessed the presentation, were Senator Fernando «Pino» Solanas, Deputy Felipe Solá Former governor of Entre Rios, Sergio Urribarri; The mayor of the massacre, Verónica Magao as well as other intendants bonaerenses: Martín Insaurralde, of Lomas de Zamora; Gabriel Katopodis, from San Martín; Gustavo Menéndez, de Merlo; Fernando Gray, by Esteban Echeverría and Jorge Ferraresi, from Avellaneda. Also several former ministers of Cristina Kirchner during their two steps to the head of the executive: Alberto and Aníbal Fernández, Carlos taken, Nilda Garré, Agustín Rossi, Jorge Taiana and Teresa Parodi. They also attended representatives of culture and sport. There was the footballer of San Lorenzo, Maca Sánchez; The singer Marilina Ross, the pianist Miguel Angel Estrella, the musicians Lisandro Aristimuño and Peteco Carabajal, the film director Luis Puenzo, the writer Jorge Dorio, the actors Pablo Echarri and Arturo Bonín, the actresses Carolina Papaleo, Julieta Díaz, Cecilia Roth and Cristina Banegas. Among those who did not attend, drew attention to the absence of the former governor and presidential candidate of the Front for victory, Daniel Scioli. In this note:

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