translated from Spanish: Why AMLO does not sing the national anthem

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that if sometimes he does not sing the national anthem is for questions of ceremonial protocol, however, he said from now on will always be toned, to end the controversy in Networks SOC iales.» Well, I’m going to sing it, if that’s the problem, «he said at a press conference from Zapotlán de Juárez, Hidalgo. López Obrador assures that he is very respectful of the Mexican flag Tanco as with the national anthem, but it all depends on the protocol to follow in the events Qu E presides: «There are times, according to the ceremonial protocol, that when it comes to surrender, not honors, recognition to the president, then the President is for that, because it is an institution, has the representation of being the head of the state. Then, in other cases maybe he should sing the hymn, I Sing it, «he said.
To reiterate the respect he has for the patriotic symbols, the president said he could even tell the story of the anthem because «it is ours, although it arises at the time of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.»

It has time since several users in social networks, mainly on Twitter, have shown their disagreement to the silence of Lopez Obrador when the national anthem is sung, even some indicated that since he was in the campaign did not.

Other assets have been devoted to displaying videos of the president when he does not sing in public events.

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