translated from Spanish: 4 years suspended for doping to the medalist Lupita González

The Mexican María Guadalupe González, runner-up and world champion of 20 km march, was suspended four years by a positive control to the trenbolone, an anabolic steroid, announced this Friday the integrity unit of Athletics (UIA).
María Guadalupe Gonzalez (30 years) was controlled on October 17, 2018 in Mexico and will be suspended until November 2022, although it retains its international medals achieved in 2016 and 2017.
Lee: Olympic medalist Lupita González suspended for positive doping
The Mexican had been left to two seconds of the Olympic title in the 20 km march of the games of Rio-2016, behind the China Liu Hong, while the following year in the World Cup of London-2017 was only one second of the champion, also China Jiayu Yang.
Lupita González, born in Mexico City on January 9, 1989, will not be able to repeat, with this sanction, the Olympic silver next year in Tokyo-2020.
The marcher, who began in the sport as a boxer in the straw weight, was a specialist in 400, 800 and 5.000 meters, to emulate his compatriot Ana Guevara, before going on the march, due to his injuries in the menisci.
On the hike, his first big hit came at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015, when he won the 20 km.
Lee: Mexican Guadalupe Gonzalez wins gold in World Cup in China
His image went around the world when, dehydrated and exhausted, collapsed when crossing the goal.
Before that, he won the 10 kilometers in the Central American and Caribbean Championships in Morelia in 2013, to participate shortly after in the March World Cup in China, a competition for which he took a plane for the first time, as an adult.
The victory in the Panamericans followed a good year 2016, being second in the World Cup team March, in May in Rome, before moving to the first place after the downgrade of the winner.
Then the Olympic silver would arrive, which it maintains despite its sanction for doping.
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