translated from Spanish: All that is known so far of the attack on Olivares and Yadón

The assassination of the official Riojan Miguel Yadón where he wound up also the deputy Héctor Olivares of the same province agitated the waters, for the ease with which they attacked and how close they were of the Congress. 

So far there is a detainee and two suspects who are being searched, while not yet defined crimenCon mobile at least thirteen shots, two people above a Volkswagen Vento wounded Olivares and assassinated Yadón
The car they committed the crime with was found in a garage a few yards from the place.
A video showed how the attacker was withdrawing from that garage in presumed state of drunkenness at 7.01. Ten minutes after committing the crime
The attackers would be uncle-who shot-and nephew-who escaped walking. His nicknames are ‘ The Gypsy ‘ and ‘ The Onion ‘. 
He was arrested Rafael of the Most Holy Trinity Cano Carmona, who had an authorization to his name of the Vento. Today will be investigated
The last medical part indicates that Olivares is at ‘ risk and its critical condition ‘
Researchers handle the theory of an attack on ‘ personal motives ‘ and completely ruled out that they were shot by their political work
The whereabouts of the two attackers are still unknown

Original source in Spanish

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