translated from Spanish: America beats Blue Cross and approaches the semifinals of the closing 2019

Mexico.-The Eagles of the Americas today confirmed their paternity on the Blue Cross with a victory of 3-1 that put the team with all in favor to access the semi-finals of the tournament Clausura 2019 Mexican football. The Colombian Roger Martinez, with a pair of goals, and a goal of the Chilean Igor Lichnovsky gave the victory to the Eagles, while by the Celestials discounted the Argentine Milton Caraglio. Blue Cross, that this century has lost four league series of four Possible before America, including two finals, took the initiative and just in the first minute of the game was about to take advantage with an arrival in the area of Orbelín Pineda, detained by the Argentinian goalkeeper Agustín Marchesín. Pineda held out six more minutes before To leave by injury as a result of the blow on arrival in the area. It was replaced by the Uruguayan Jonathan Rodriguez, who settled well and collaborated in the Middle field to which Cruz Azul show superiority.
In the 15th minute the Celestials turned the way of a penalty charged in a magisterial manner by Caraglio, who reached 12 goals in the championship.

Rodriguez had in his boots the second goal in a mistake of Paul Aguilar, more was arrested by the Paraguayan Bruno Valdez, from which America took the lead. In 22, in a corner shot charged by the Ecuadorian Renato Ibarra, America tied with a goal of Lichnovsky, from which the Blues lowered the pace and received a second goal in the discount with a left-handed coup de Martínez a pass from Ibarra. Cruz Azul attacked in The 48 with an auction of Jonathan Rodriguez who sent the ball on the outside and then the duel went smoothly with balance in the middle of the court. In 55 the Colombian Andrés Ibargüen topped his head and hit the ball badly in a good opportunity to goal of the Azulcremas and in the 73 Martinez accepted a touch of Guido Pizarro and fired, but was stopped by the goalkeeper Jose de Jesus Corona.

Blue Cross players regret defeat. Photo Jam Media

Ibargüen mocked the defense in the minute 74 and served him a ball to govern Martinez, scorer of the 3-1 that reflected in the marker the superiority of America before a blue Cross blurred, erased from the court in the final minutes. On Sunday America and Blue Cross will play the duel back that decide which of the two accedes to the semifinals. The quarterfinals began yesterday when Tigers tied to 1-1 at the home of Pachuca and Leon defeated by 1-3 to Tijuana; Today the Necaxa defeated by 1-0 to Monterrey.
The parties will be back for the weekend. On Saturday UANL Tigers will receive Pachuca and León to Tijuana and on Sunday Necaxa visit to Monterrey and America to Cruz Azul.

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