translated from Spanish: Begins in the EMI cycle of lectures «Select topics of electoral law»

Morelia, Michoacán.-This Tuesday was held in the facilities of the Electoral Institute of Michoacán (EMI) The Cycle of lectures «Select topics of electoral law», in conjunction with the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Law, the Local Board of National Electoral Institute (INE) and the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the Universidad Michoacan de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (UMSNH).
«Political violence of gender» was the topic of the conversation with which began the cycle of lectures with the participation as speakers of the electoral counselor Dra. Yurisha Andrade Morales, the Mtra. Maira Balm War Pulido, parliamentary titular of the first Parliament of women of Mexico City, and Magda. Yolanda Camacho Ochoa, Gender and electoral law specialist.
The president of the EMI, Dr. Ramón Hernández Reyes, inaugurated the event and mentioned that this conversation is a punctual event, a topic in which there is much to work. «It will surely awaken in us a lot of reflection and challenge points so that, as public bodies, we generate the conditions that recognize and update the rights that women must have,» he said.
For his part, Lic. David Alejandro Delgado Arroyo, executive member of the INE, stressed the importance of joining this cycle of lectures: «This issue is very important and, although it does not seem, 120 initiatives have been presented in the field of electoral law and the More prominent is precisely this subject. »
In this regard, the electoral counselor Dra. Yurisha Andrade Morales During her participation showed the impetus for electoral and human Rights and commented that Latin American women have not had the same opportunities as men to access Political representation charges. «Little by little we have dabbled in political issues thanks to various affirmative actions and pronouncements both political and civil society, which have made way for these historical differences between men and women to diminish.»
To conclude, he emphasized that it is a topic of education that comes from our home and has to be put into practice.

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