translated from Spanish: Cristina presented her book: «We have to make a social contract for Argentines»

Together with María Teresa Bano, president of the Fundación El Libro and Juan Ignacio Boido, editorial director of Penguin Random House, the former president presents her book from the Sala Jorge Luis Borges of the Book Fair. The act began punctually, even a few minutes before Of the 20 hours with the word of «Bano», who spoke about the honor of being there, added to the editorial level importance of the presentation of the book.

«When I signed the fair’s guestbook I found Nestor’s signature back in 2005 and with mine when I was a senator. Now I do not come to present a book, I come as author, «began the former president.» In places naturally reserved for men, she is the first woman president of the Book Fair, «added Cristina about Bano.» The experience of reading a book is wonderful, but writing it is impressive, «said CFK, at the same time confessing that the idea of writing it was by Alberto Fernandez, former chief of staff of his government and Nestor’s. While the auditorium applauded constantly, the Former president said she started «to write the book in April and decided to finish it in December».
«The book, far from posing clashes or quarrels, I think is an interfighting. To the political, social, cultural, and business leaders, «he assured about sincerely.

«These are difficult, very difficult times. I have records of many crises. In the book I count the 75, the hyper, the 2001, the Bonex, and then my idea was that I had to tell what I had lived. There is as a thing in which we want to present reality and history as disjointed facts that have nothing to do with the other and things happen as a storm happens. Politics and the economy do not have patterns of unpredictability, recognizes in decisions, in behaviors, not only leaders, social, Argentines are difficult. » «It is not only what we think, those who have money, there are humble, hardworking people who do not support social plans. It is an argument that we have to give it, we have to analyze it, what things operate so that in a society these things happen, «said Cristina about social plans. And he expanded: «It’s important to have the right information, the government that I left with 207,000 plans, today is more than 400,000. Many more than the Choriplaneros government had. »
«Let me tell you that it will be necessary more than agreements. A social contract for all Argentines. With verifiable, quantifiable, enforceable goals, «was the most prominent phrase.

«It’s okay to be a businessman and want to win money. But you have to understand that your company will do well they have to go well all, have to eat all, «he said in reference to entrepreneurs, many of whom fear their return. In that sense, he named José Ber Gelbard as the last great Argentine businessman. » Some realized that they had to generate industrial employment to activate the economy. It would be good if some who travel so far, imitate what happens, «he said in reference to Trump’s government, which reached very low levels of unemployment. Towards the end of the speech, he thanked those who bought the book and attended the presentation: «If they wanted to caress my soul, they did. I want to thank you, you’ve done it, with a growing «.
«I chose the 9th of May because today 44 years ago that in La Plata, in the Civil registry 1, Calle 14, Nestor and I Married.» 

«I dedicate it to Nestor, but not as a politician or president, he doesn’t need it, he’s already in history. I want to dedicate it as my partner, man, father of our children, «said Cristina before leaving.

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