translated from Spanish: Eyzaguirres the court to employers for labor reform: they do not have to “pass Cat by Hare” to workers

Former minister of Finance Michelle Bachelet, Nicolás Eyza Guirre referred to the Labour Reform project presented by the Government, which was supported by a letter published in the Mercury by the former Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Valdés, the former president of the Central Bank, José De Gregorio, the civil engineer Eduardo Engel and economist Andrea Repetto.
Among the things that were stated in the letter, and which earned him criticism from various sectors of the opposition, said that “it is a reform where everyone can win, is not a zero-sum game.” Eyzaguirre, while participating as a panelist for the first Radio cooperative coffee, supported this letter, but also sent a message to employers: “To reach consensus you have to go to respect the other side and not try to pass cat by Hare thinking that the other is Gil. ”
“There is the flexibility to see, but the issue is to see who the flexibility is agreed upon. It has to be agreed with the Union, not one by one because they are going to impose it, “he added.
“All I have discussed is how this new modality is negotiated. Because in the history of the unions, in the history of the workers, the law and the unions are the way to avoid the abuse, “said the owner of the Treasury.
“More flexibility, but no more abuses,” he concluded.

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