translated from Spanish: Four detainees in Argentina for shooting of deputy and his advisor

The Argentine security forces have arrested four people for their alleged connection with the shooting next to the Congress in which deputy Héctor Olivares was severely injured and the consultant Miguel Marcelo Yadón died, an apparent objective of an attack that the Authorities attribute to personal and non-political motives.
The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, recognized on Thursday that the goal was not Olivares, as was initially suspected, but his companion, Works Coordinator in the Trust Fund of the Federal Electric transport of the province of La Rioja.
«We believe we have the killers,» the minister said, despite the fact that the Government has not wanted to disclose all the details waiting for the investigations to advance.
Olivares and Yadón were intercepted when they passed by a car waiting for them a few meters from the Congress. Bullrich confirmed that in the vehicle were «an older person and a young man» who, as shown by the images captured by the security cameras, initially shoot the adviser, «main objective.»
«Being able to shoot and kill Olivares, they don’t. It is thrown, seated, the gentlemen get out of the car, nor look at it and the car leaves, «explained the head of security in an appearance before the media.
The police arrested on Thursday a family member of Juan Jesús Fernández, owner of the vehicle from which the attackers were dropped, identified as Rafael Cano. Police sources quoted by the newspaper ‘ La Nación ‘ have confirmed this Friday three more arrests, including that of Fernandez himself.
Judicial sources of government have assured ‘ Clarín ‘ that the main hypothesis is a «vendetta» of a personal nature against Yadón. According to this newspaper, the victim would have had some kind of relationship with the daughter of Fernandez, known by the alias of ‘ The Gypsy ‘.

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