translated from Spanish: Labor reform: work by objectives or condition schedules?

A few days ago President Sebastián Piñera presented to Congress a bill that seeks to create a Moderni Employment, with emphasis on the reconciliation between work and free time of the collaborators. This initiative could allow a reduction of the working days of the week, with a modality of 4×3, making the working times more adaptable to the different realities and needs of each worker.
The fact is that, although from we believe that addressing flexibility initiatives might be interesting, the truth is that there are also aspects that may not be totally beneficial for the collaborators. For example, staying longer within the office, arriving at 11 hours a day, with less extensive collation times, are points that still need to be detailed. Edges like these can affect the combination between work and personal life, for the little free time that remains to be all day inside an office.
Organizational policies within each company can become more important than the time flexibility itself. This, because we have been able to see that the fulfillment of timetables in front of a desk, is often not the most effective method to promote productivity on the part of the collaborators or a greater efficiency for the good functioning of the Organization.
From we recommend that both employers and collaborators organize their working hours and work on the basis of objectives and/or monthly and even weekly measurements, regardless of the hours or time of the worker, as well the Duties could be effectively realized to ensure proper functioning. Those who work on the basis of these systems may even opt to include modalities such as teleworking, since regardless of where the functions are performed, they must be concretised within a given time frame.
According to our experience and the studies we have done, we can see that changes like these affect that people work less stressed and more time to reconcile their tastes and family life with work. In fact, one of our measurements establishes that 66% of Chileans value the company’s concern for their work and personal well-being.
Considering these elements could directly affect a greater optimization of the daily tasks and that those who are part of a company achieve a better quality of life, as well as being able to increase their performance in a gradual way and according to the objectives Established in each company.

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