translated from Spanish: Pochettino and the Argentine team: «In the short term I do not see it possible»

Mauricio Pochettino was already inside the three Argentine technicians who are most spoken for the Argentine team, but what was achieved in Amsterdam and taking Tottenham to the best seasons of his history, have highlighted so that once he finishes his season, You can take care of the national team. Half joking, half serious, the coach said if he won the champions League he was leaving the team, and if he lost, probably too. At that time, the Argentines were awakened to the possibility of becoming the coach of the selection, but he himself took care of calming the waters. 

«The selection is in good hands,» Mauricio Pochettino. Photo: Twitter @SpursOfficial

«The selection is in good hands. Logically, in the future I would like to. It would be a motivation to direct but in the short term I do not see it possible, «the coach shot during an interview with Fox Sports, and also referred to his future in Tottenham, beyond what happens in Madrid. He first clarified:» Nobody offered me the job, «but then Continued upon his continuance. «I have four years of contract with Tottenham and that would make it unviable; Today I do not consider returning to Argentina, I like the day-to-day regular team, because the challenge of a selection is different. »

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