translated from Spanish: Rep. Héctor Olivares ‘ health: «His condition is critical, with a risk of life»

Pablo Rossini, assistant director of the Ramos Mejía Hospital, gave this noon the medical part of the deputy gunned down: «The patient throughout the day yesterday remained unstable hemodynamically sustained with inotropicas drugs, with vasoactive drugs. Thanks to the effort of the physicians of intensive therapy it was possible to maintain an adequate blood pressure for the perfusion of its organs «.

«Right now he has a commitment to renal function so we’re dialisandolo to try to get rid of the excess fluid and nitrogen burden the patient may have. Once stabilized, it will be possible to evaluate the opportune moments for surgery. The patient remains serious, his condition is critical, with life risk, «continued the specialist.» He’s kept stable with the drugs he’s getting. She’s in mechanical ventilation. Now we replace renal function with dialysis. »
«We are suplementándolo with artificial elements, this does not give the pattern of gravity.» 

«The new surgery is aimed at replacing the packs, which were placed in the liver, which fulfilled their function because there was no blood loss in the last 24 hours.»
«Blood is needed for Héctor Olivares»

«We must also finish correcting the colon lesion,» he concluded.

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