translated from Spanish: Lack of education: AMLO

El Nayar, Nayarit.-President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged that there are still many outstanding educational issues. “In educational matters, we must finish building schools, we must ensure that children are well fed to the school or that there is food in the school,” he said.
“To ensure that scholarships are given and regularizing the status of teachers because there are federal, state teachers. All this must be approved, that is the same, a single system, federalize education. ”

He also highlighted the abrogation of the “poorly called educational reform”. “I tell the teachers of normal education, indigenous, that the poorly called educational reform has already been cancelled, since the deputies and senators already canceled that bad so-called educational reform that affected the Magisterium,” he said. “There is now a new educational reform to improve education, without disrespect to teachers and teachers.” Launches Governor accolades
 In his speech, Governor Antonio Echevarría praised the president several times. “You have made the Mexicans return to hope that justice will come to the corners of the fatherland. You are a sensitive man who has made Mexico’s social face begin to change, “he said.
 “You are a Mexican of excellence, in these months of government corruption has been confronted with the greatest strength and honesty.”

The president asked López Obrador to expand the electricity network to the rest of the communities of El Nayar, which suffers from poverty and marginalization. “I do it with great respect because I know its enormous sensitivity as a person and these are of absolute and elementary social justice,” he said. “The town of El Nayar has endured 80 years of insensitive governments, today believe in this government that you lead, I know what it implies in budgetary terms.” In response, the president pledged to electrify the missing populations. “It is an offense that having in Nayarit, three dams, three hydroelectric plants, is Nayarit of the states with less electrification in their villages, so we will tend the demand of the governor, to be finished electrified.

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