translated from Spanish: Mexico must make public the request for extradition of Karime Macías

Mexico, (EFE).-The Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) of Mexico must deliver the public version of the diplomatic note through which the request for provisional detention was formulated for the purpose of extradition of Karime Macías, wife of the former governor of Veracruz (2010-2016), Javier Duarte, reported this Saturday the entity of transparency in this country. The government of Veracruz reported last year that Karim Macías lived in an exclusive district of the British capital and accused her of having diverted 5.7 million dollars when she was first lady of Veracruz. Through a statement, the National Institute of Transparency, Access to information and protection of personal data (INAI), presented the case through Commissioner Blanca Lilia Ibarra, who stressed that this case involves the public interest in knowing information that allows to pay the scrutiny by the society in the Exercise of public resources.

The SRE must deliver an application for provisional detention for the extradition of Karime Macías. Photo: Reforma.

“An informed society has the capacity to be able to assess whether a government’s public finances are solid or in its case if they detect mismanagement or corruption cases being able to denounce them before the competent authorities,” said the Commissioner. This in order to avoid greater affections to the Treasury and to exert a control and vigilance on the public action, “he said. The INAI explained that a citizen asked the SRE to inform him “whether the Government of Mexico had formally requested the Government of the United Kingdom to extradite Karime Macías Tubilla, stemming from the arrest warrant that a criminal justice of Veracruz turned against him.” If so, the date of the application and the state in which it is found; In case, negative, the reasons why it has not been presented.

Karime Macías, is the wife of Javier Duarte, the Exgoberandor of Veracruz accused of diverted of 35 million pesos. Photo: Reforma

He recalled that Macías Tubilla served as president of the system for the Integral development of the family (DIF), an entity that operated different programs, whose resources proceeded, among other sources, from state and federal funds. In addition, an order of apprehension was located against him by a criminal justice of Veracruz for the crime of “specific fraud committed to the detriment of the patrimony of the Government of the State, during the period in which his husband, Javier Duarte, served as Governor. In early April, a judge ordered the arrest of Monica Macías, sister of Karime and former governor, Javier Duarte, for corruption, in addition to the prosecution of the attorney General of the Republic FGR asked Interpol to issue a red card for his Location.

Javier Duarte and Karime Macías, at a public event in 2015. Photo: Reforma

Duarte left office on October 12, 2016, 48 days before the end of his term, allegedly to deal with allegations of corruption. But he became a fugitive from justice when a judge issued an arrest warrant against him and that same month he was expelled from the then official Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). After six months in search, the former governor was arrested on 15 April 2017 at the reception of a luxurious hotel in Panajachel, in the Department of Sololá, Guatemala, and extradited to Mexico.

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