translated from Spanish: «Pray for My Salvation»: new single from Red Jesus that was recorded with a cellphone

The last track of the «Yisus» comes as a spirit avalanche of rhythms and textures, which reinterpret the music or Rbana, the Gospel, the Rhythm & Blues and the alternative rock, in a way as reinterpretation as it is also sticky. A shrill and thoughtful supplication that tells us about loneliness, feeling different, and the imperative need to ask for help and help each other.

«But pray for my salvation» does not come alone: Red Jesus took his dystopian prayer to Paris, where he complemented it with the audiovisual delirium of the Chilean based in France J.G. Biggs, who has made video clips for Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Orishas, Nina Simone with Felix Da Housecat, Culture Club, Kool Shen (NTM) and Saian Supa Crew, to name but a few.
Armed with just a cell phone, this pair was given a desperate tour of the winter Paris that do not teach you in the agencies of tourism, to give a video powerful full of madness, contortions and Symbolism, which bring out the natural style and Biggs Guerrilla, and the interpretative force of an artist in complete catharsis.
An honest and vulnerable proposal that teaches us an ever less divine Red Jesus, but increasingly connected with his feelings and his particular way of conceiving music.
NAME: Pray for my salvation (Radio Edit)
ARTIST: Red Jesus
YEAR: 2019
COUNTRY: Paris, France
DURATION: 03 min. 15 sec.
LABEL: Cassette

Original source in Spanish

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