translated from Spanish: Racing played badly and lost 2 to 0 before Tigre in Victoria

Eduardo Coudet and the players were clear on their return to the activity and said they should take the festivities off, however, none of that could be seen in Victoria and Tiger exceeded it during the 90 minutes, in a result that still leaves open the key for the Lap. In the first stage, without so many clear opportunities, the line Yail Bonfá denied the cry to Federico Gonzalez, by a supposed offside of Janson, which harmed Saravia in the brand. On the other side, Marinelli had no clear intervention to prevent the fall of his bow.
Within the same tune of the first part, the local owned of all actions, first a corner that hit the stick left static to the defense of Racing and a few minutes, Montillo took a high pressure and a Orban error to put the 1 to 0 with a Exquisite definition. No game but with ambition, the “academy” was owned of the actions in the remainder of the complement, but still could not arrive with danger and in the closing tiger found the second with a defensive neglect and a great play of Lucas Menossi, which ended with a auction to burn Gonzalez’s clothes.
Now, the faces will be seen by the return next Tuesday in the cylinder of Avellaneda, where the 2 to 0 leaves open the series but it can be lethal for those of Coudet, that will have to show character, after reaping its first defeat in the last nine matches , and look for the classification to the semifinal.

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