translated from Spanish: The IACHR will examine whether Taser guns violate human rights

After the announcement of the national government, through the Ministry of Security, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) notified the state that there is a pending request where it is analyzed if Tasers violate human rights and therefore not Laughs approved for use. According to Noticias Argentinas, the P-1712/16 regulation was presented almost three years ago and is currently at the admissibility stage. Not only did the use of Taser guns generate uncertainty in the continental body, but it also gained repudiation in different political sectors that described them as «portable PICAA» and a «torture» element.

In the year 2017, the then Executive Secretary of the IACHR Tribunal, Paulo Abrão, had made room for the Argentine people’s claim for this weapon that would be part of the police uniform, and from there the debate was forgotten so far, that the Commission presented a retail him about it. » At this stage, the Commission receives information from both parties and must culminate with the adoption of a report, whether admissibility or inadmissibility. Then, it would become a case in the background and that is where you will study whether or not there was a violation of human rights in the facts denounced. If it determines that there was a violation, it will issue a background report to be sent to the Parties with recommendations for the state. » The IACHR also supports the situation that both the United Nations and Amnesty International warned about its use and urged the various States to discontinue the equipment of the security forces with these weapons, as they are considered «elements of torture. »

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