translated from Spanish: They call for six years in prison for José López and to acquit the Aparicion nun

Prosecutor Miguel Ángel Osorio called for a six-year prison sentence for José López for illicit enrichment and to pay a fine of one hundred percent of the more than 9 million dollars he tried to hide in handbags in a convent of General Rodriguez on June 14 2016.La Another request was the acquittal of the nun Inés Aparicio, who received the handbags. According to the prosecutor, the nun did not intend to participate in the enrichment of the exfunctionary. 

On the other hand, Osorio called for a one-and-a-half-year prison sentence for the wife of López, María Amalia Díaz, for being considered a participant in illicit enrichment. For the same reason, the employers considered figureheads de López, Andrés Galera, Eduardo Gutiérrez and Carlos Giani, could be sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison for “necessary participants”. Lopez increased its heritage in a scandalously high amount that in no way can be justified, which shows that behind that spurious money hides acts of corruption, “said the prosecutor, and continued:” He was improperly enriched during the exercise of The public service, which was demonstrated in the three facts: the acquisition of a house in Tigre and a department in the Avenue Las Heras, which placed in the name of figureheads, and the dollars with which it was arrested “.

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