translated from Spanish: Burnt, dismembered and cannibalized: the brutal sacrifice to which they submitted to the allies of Hernán Cortés 500 years ago

Four years ago, a group of Mexican archaeologists found the skeletal remains of these people, who had been r Apt in what today is the archaeological site of Zultépec-Tecoaque, in the region of Tlaxcala.
The Tlaxcalans have gone to history because they are an allied people of Cortés and enemies of the Mexica (Aztec).
Why 500 years later in Mexico do not forgive Tlaxcala to ally with the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés
Hernán Cortés had as allies the tlaxcaltecasAhora, to 500 years of the landing of Hernán Cortés, the researchers of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) reveal more details of these sacrifices of those who were victims men, women Pregnant women and children from different backgrounds.
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The analysis of human remains and thousands of archaeological pieces allowed them to conclude that between 24 June 1520 and for six months, indigenous Acolhuas captured about 350 followers of Cortés and selected several of them to sacrifice them in their Rituals.

According to Enrique Martínez Vargas, archaeologist of INAH, these prisoners were not taken to Tenochtitlan, capital of the Aztec Empire, to serve as a warning to the Tlaxcalans who joined Cortés.

Sacrificial rituals
The bone evidence showed that among the allies of Cortés were European men and women, but also indigenous Tainos of the Antilles, indigenous Tlaxcalans, Totonacos and Mayas, Mestizos, mulattos (Children of Black and white) and Zambos (Children of Negro and indigenous).
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The caravan that accompanied the conqueror also carried horses, cows, sheep, goats, donkeys and dogs.
In addition, they carried pigs, which they did not use as food but as an offering.
Hernán Cortés defeated the mexicaUno Empire of the findings that cause interest is the Tzompantli or wall of the skulls, which also revealed new data.
Archaeologists re-created the way in which rows of stockades had been placed with 14 skulls of prisoners, organized in male-female pairs.
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Women slaughtered in the Tzompantli They were pregnant.
According to Martínez, the Tzompantli They were constructed with skulls of warriors and in the Mesoamerican cosmogony, the women died in childbirth were considered warriors.
The discovery was made at the archaeological site of Zultépec-Tecoaque, in the region of Tlaxcalaen another burial was found a Tabasco warrior, who was offered a Spaniard who was burned and dismembered.
According to the investigators, these sacrifices were rituals that recreated myths of creation.
In another of the sacrifices a warrior was found, a woman with a body cut in two and a dismembered child.
At the foot of the warrior were found “trophy bones”, belonging to four different people.
The researchers say that the remains of some Spaniards were also ingested in ritual acts, so the area was known as Tecoaque, which means “where they were eaten”.

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