translated from Spanish: Comptroller discards “any type of irregularities” after denunciation of Dorothy Perez

After it was known that, after the denunciation of the Subcon The central-North Metropolitan prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation against the comptroller for the Crimes of influence peddling, tax evasion and prevarication; The supervisory body itself came to the pass of the indictment.
Through a statement, the Comptroller General of the Republic ruled out “any type of irregularities” within the body led by Jorge Bermúdez, such as the one insinuating on the elaboration of the pre-reports and the final audit report Number 516 of 2017 of Sernageomin. It is worth mentioning that this Sunday was announced the complaint made by Dorothy Perez, for whom the Comptroller changed irregularly the sanctions that had been applied at the end of 2017 to the National Service of Geology and Mining (Sernageomin), for bulky payments and Without foundation in the remunerations of 300 officials. These included attorney Doris Roa, then the legal head of the service.
“The comptroller and all its officials, will provide, as usual, all the background and provide all the collaboration, which are required by the Public Ministry,” concluded from the autonomous body.

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