translated from Spanish: Elections in Córdoba: Broad triumph of Governor Juan Schiaretti

In the framework of the eighth election of the year and the third in which the fate of a new provincial administration is defined, Juan Schiaretti, current governor of the province, achieved a more than forceful victory. With 40.07% of the tables counted, the formula of the space «We do by Cordoba» reaches 57.04% of the votes, surpassing with comfort to the 12 remaining candidatures, where they emphasize the ones of change with Mario Negri and the Radical Civic Union of Ramón Mestre. In this way, Schiaretti, member of the Federal Alternative Peronist Alliance, renewed his position until December 10, 2023. The results at the moment by the governorate of the province of Córdoba are as follows: 

With 72.18% of the electoral participation, of the 10 remaining formulas, at the moment no candidacy is presented that exceeds 4% of the votes. Remember that in parallel with the election by the government, the city of Cordoba voted for a new quartermaster, while the 31 councillors and 5 members of the Court of Auditors will be defined.

In an election somewhat more couple but equally forceful to what happened in provincial terms, Peronism snatches the quartermaster from the main city to the Radical Civic Union. The results at the time respond to 62.1% of the polled tables and are the Following: Martín Llaryola (we do for Cordoba): 40.6%
Luis judge (Córdoba changes): 21.5%
Rodrigo Loredo (UCR): 19.3%

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