translated from Spanish: Letter from Alexis after the premiere: Fans “are the only ones who deserve a apologies”

Manchester United fell hard before Cardiff at Old Trafford this Sunday, in the game that closed the season for the “Red Devils”, and did not have Alexis Sanchez in court. The “Wonder Boy” was out of the duel due to a physical annoyance, but despite this, and after finishing the meeting and with it the season in the Premier League, the batterer dedicated a few heartfelt words to the fans of the Manchester table. Sánches used his account Instagram to point out that “it was a very complicated season but they, the fans. They are the only ones who deserve apologies, they always support you in spite of everything for this club “, and added that” Personally, I did not play everything I expected, I was injured by things that never happened to me. ” The national team also said that “there are internal things that people and journalists speak without knowing. I was always professional in every way, I apologize to the fans for not fighting important things, being that we are Manchester United. ” And ended up calling that “players and staff draw conclusions, if we did the right thing and deliver the best of each for this T-shirt I’m sure Manchester United will be the club that one day was with Mr. Alex Ferguson.”

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