translated from Spanish: Mario Negri: «I am not the candidate of the Government»

Today, the eighth electoral call of the 2019 is taking place. Concentrating 8.7% of the voter register with 2,889,973 of voters, the province of Córdoba is presented as the second most electoral weight behind Buenos Aires. Within the 13 formulas presented, the National Government Alliance presented «Córdoba changes» as Political space from which the candidate for the government was Mario Negri, accompanied in the formula by Héctor Baldassi. In this line is that it was striking the statements of Negri himself who in the context of the departure of his attendance at the polls, said not to be the candidate of the government. 
Consulted on whether he had received any calls from the national government, Negri commented: «I am not the government candidate, I am the three-party candidate.» At the moment, with 2% of the tables counted, the formula of «Cordoba changes» obtains 16.55% of the votes, more than 40 points behind the Governor Schiaretti. 

It is in this sense that the eyes of change will be put in the city of Cordoba, where the candidate Luis judge seeks to end a long hegemony of the Radical Civic Union in the provincial capital. In this note:

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