translated from Spanish: Municipalities, embassies, the Senate and the currency Izarán the flag of sexual diversity this Monday

For the first time the Senate and the National prosecutor’s Office have Pleg ADO to the «Rainbow Campaign» that organizes each year the movement of integration and Homosexual liberation on the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia and transphobia, while the currency will illuminate for the fourth consecutive year its pediment with the colors LGBTi.
This was announced today by the Movilh, pointing out that to date a total of 57 institutions have joined the Rainbow Campaign through which the LGBTi movement invites public or private institutions to raise the flag of diversity, to enlighten their fronts or development Llar campaigns.
According to the Movilh, the adherents include the currency, the Senate, the National prosecutor’s office, 39 municipalities, 12 embassies, the single Confederation of Workers (CUT), the Natural History Museum, the Santiago Library, the Metro and the Portal, the center of Talca.
The first lifting will take place on Monday May 13th at 11:30 pm in the Senate, former National Congress of Santiago. There will be present next to the Movilh the president of the Senate, Jaime Quintana, and the President of the Commission, of Constitution, legislation and justice of the Senate, Felipe Harboe.
«It is a tremendous pride the transversal support that has been reaching the Rainbow campaign since the year 2012, when only one institution, the British Embassy, joined. Now they are more than 50, which makes this event a tradition and the greatest expression of public visibility for LGBTi rights that takes place in Chile. We thank all who have joined and give the most welcome to those who do it for the first time this year, said the president of Movilh, Gonzalo Velásquez.
The spokesperson of the Movilh, Daniela Andrade, said that «the ceremonies of lifting will take place on different days during the next week. On May 17th the coin will be lit. Another surprise that in Concepción there will be a Gala for the diversity that is backed by the municipality, while in Santiago the Metro broadcast a campaign that urges LGBTi people to denounce abuses. »

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