translated from Spanish: Pablo Montero is accused of being drunk and sending two disabled women out of his show (Video)

Mexico.-Mexican singer Pablo Montero was accused of singing drunk during his mother’s Day concert in the magical town of Cuatro Ciénegas, Cohahuila and send out two women with disabilities dancing in the front row.
Citizens of four Ciénegas shared in social networks a video where you can see Pablo Montero annoyed because some women were dancing when he was about to sing «Las Mañanitas».
The singer said: «You can sit those ladies who are there, bone nothing to do, very bad you guys… It’s a lack of respect. Yolanda (mayor of four Ciénegas) Mandalas pull out, mandalas imprison… What I’m going to do with people like that, bone the most important song of the night, they fucked up. »
The women Pablo Montero referred to are called strapless short mini and Yaya, are sisters, disabled and are around 50 years of age. In the village they know them because they always go to the festivals, they are cheerful and they like to dance but they do not disturb the people.
At the festival, people with different capacities and adults over four Ciénegas were seated in the front row to appreciate the show, so when Pablo Montero demands that they be taken out, some people come to make the clarification.
The singer’s negative reaction annoyed the citizens, who accused him of being rude and not respecting his public for being drunk.
It is worth mentioning that this presentation was organized by the Government of the state and Municipal to celebrate the mothers on Thursday 9 of May in the esplanade of the main square.
Source: Vanguard

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