translated from Spanish: Violence in the AFA Regional Amateur: Injured players and technicians

On a date with numerous irregularities and giving all the signs of ending the way he did, Sporting Club Victoria de San Luis and Peñarol de San Juan clashed in a pitched battle that left wounded. It happened in San Luis, in the framework of the Regional Amateur Tournament of AFA, and from the beginning was evident the climate of tension: first of all, the party started half an hour late for lack of ambulance and doctor. Then, to 30 ‘ of having started, came the first incident: the referee decided to expel Walter Quevedo, player of victory, which generated the anger of the local ensemble.

Push goes, push comes, the line judge ended up on the ground, assaulted by the footballers themselves. Everything indicated that it was suspended, but at the arrival of a security reinforcement, they decided to continue it. After 25 minutes of rest, while debated whether to suspend the game or not, there was a quorum to go out and play the complement. The game was punching at more and more until at 30 ‘ min The local puffy pulled 6 din bombs. The referee stopped the game and gave way to the Campal battle. First they were just the two campuses, but then the Victoria fans were added to attack the Peñarol players. They ended up climbing the fences to escape the fight.

Players and technicians of the Sanjuanino team were injured, most with cuts and some even suffered decompensation.

Original source in Spanish

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