translated from Spanish: Carla Jara made spiritual therapy to overcome attachment to her son

In her visit to Mega’s morning, Carla Jara told how she worked for super the excessive attachment she has with her 5-year-old son Mariano. «It was super heavy so much that you start to realize that more than a favor you do harm to your child (…),» he said. And he gave an example of the fears that passed through his mind in the everyday. » I thought they were not going to give the food at the time, that had to shower in the night proque did not want to happen cold, men are more to the lot. Lot of things I knew how to do in one way and the rest couldn’t do the same. » According to Jara the motives are related to her pregnancy. «I suffered symptoms of loss, so you generate a fear that anything can happen to him (…) I had to be so, «commented the cheerleader who has postponed jobs, outings with friends, and even, with his partner Francisco Kaminski. Everything to take care of your gift. The anguish came so much that his best friend invited her to go to Uruguay, to discuss the subject in a Isha center. » I already knew the system Isha and like that always wanted to go and said that they were many days. Isha teaches you how to work a system and one can work millions of things. There were people who had just separated, others had lost children. Different topics. » The stay lasted 8 days, the longer you have been away from your child. «It is a center in Uruguay in front of the beach in blue Cosata. All the retreat is done there, all very natural, healthy eating. Part day at 7 doing yoga, one hour, then you take breakfast, all shared. Then you are going to unify that is a form of meditation where you do the facets, phrases that Isha I think, is truly wonderful. » Doing the exercises, the blonde released the anguish and fears for her primogéniuto. » For one it is difficult to meditate and to put the mind blank. What Isha teaches is to say these facets in spaces that come those thoughts and stress, sorrow, anguish, fill him with love from the phrases that teaches you. »

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