translated from Spanish: Criticizing use of child actor image for fair admission campaign without his father’s consent

The father of Elias Collado, a child who acts in the TV series “Is “Mega’s Paradise” and whose image was used in a government campaign to promote the bill “fair admission,” he accused that he did not consent for his image to be used for that purpose.
The situation was widely criticized by opposition parliamentarians, who through Twitter rejected the use of the image of the child. 
“The parents of the child-actor #EliasCollado were angry about the use of their child in a government propaganda. They did not even express their consent to that and expressed their rejection of the #AdmisionJusta project and its alleged #MeritoConInclusion @bancadaPSchile, “said Congresswoman Daniella Cicardini.
However, the Ministry of Education defended and pointed out that “the proxy of Elías Collado signed a consent to use image before entering the meeting in the currency, where he was invited for his excellent academic performance.” 
The father of the minor, Simón Collado, commented to CNN Chile that Elijah was invited to the currency due to his good school performance and that “an authorization was signed to Mineduc to use the photograph of my son Elías Collado Moya, in relation to his participation in the meeting of S School admission system to be implemented in the metropolitan region. ”
“The issue goes through the use given to a single image, which in no case should be linked to a specific campaign,” he criticized.

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