translated from Spanish: Duhalde: «I would advise Macri not to appear, is ending very badly»

It is an election year and all the looks are put in the eventual candidates and candidate. In this context, former President Eduardo Duhalde pointed out that «I would advise» Mauricio Macri «not to be presented» to the upcoming elections. It’s ending very badly, I would advise you not to present yourself. Obviously things have gone very badly, I know he is not well. It would be very rare for him to be well after all the trouble he has. He would have to devote himself to other things for now and find who can replace him, «he said in dialogue with Mauro Viale this Monday morning.
«It would be a infradotado if it were well. It does not suit him, the party or his life to be present »

Ruling out the possibility of occupying a position in a eventual triumph of Roberto Lavagna-whom he defends as a candidate-, the former governor of Buenos Aires took the interview to make a brief analysis of the socio-economic situation Argentina.
«The country is in danger, it is obvious, I say nothing unusual. The danger is to keep descending like so many years ago, with more and more problems, murders, robberies, people who do not have the essentials, that is what can happen. The default can happen or not. The economic-social situation is very serious, so I think that we must resort to the experienced. It is not for testing or for people who come to see what to do, but for people who did and who knows how to do it, «he threw, making clear allusion to Lavagna. Finally, he talked about the elections in Cordoba and read:» It was expected. The governor’s posture is very strong. »

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