translated from Spanish: Extend time to participate in fund for environmental Initiatives

Up to $1.5 million of financing will deliver WWF Chile to the Projects selected under the Fondo REDUCE +, whose call will be open until 31 May 2019.
This initiative, sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment (MMA), seeks to involve the community in the search for innovative solutions to plastic and waste pollution in general. To this end, it will support various initiatives and actions in environmental education, dissemination and innovation that promote the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste throughout the country, including single-use plastics, pollution that also has an impact In terms of emissions and climate change.
This WWF Chile fund was launched in late March, during the last hour of the planet, and already had a first version in 2016, an opportunity in which it contributed funding for eight citizen initiatives, implemented from Arica to Quellón.
“We have had many consultations from community organizations, Ngos and also from small, sustainable and socially impacted enterprises; For which we have decided to extend the call, originally open until May 2. We know that there is a community increasingly empowered and concerned about the environment and with REDUCE + we want to help you realize your ideas and be an active part of the solutions, “explained Susan Diaz, director of communications for WWF Chile.
In particular, this fund is open to non-profit organizations, such as neighborhood meetings, sports clubs, student or parent centers of educational establishments, as well as foundations, corporations, cooperatives or Ngos, as well as “Companies B” type of enterprise.
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