translated from Spanish: Former secretary of SP of Michoacan is being decomposed for a transit matter

Morelia, Michoacán.-the former secretary of public security of Michoacán, Elías Álvarez Hernández, was arrested by another scandal, now in this city of Morelia for a fact of transit. In the past he was arrested in the state of Morelos for threatening armed a couple.
In relation to this last topic, it was learned in the journalistic work that the official starred in a clash against another vehicle in the Independence Beltway, at the height of the railroad tracks and was given to the escape, however it was reached by the personnel of the Michoacán police . He was driving a Harley Davidson brand black SUV.
On its apprehension, the secretariat of Public Security of Michoacán disclosed in a press bulletin this Monday: «For being involved in an administrative foul of alteration to the public order, consisting of verbal aggressions to personnel experts of the area of transit and mobility of the State, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), required a former public servant.
«Michoacán police personnel referred to the handrail area to the required, who was identified as Elias A., who after participating in a road incident occurred on the peripheral Paseo de la Republica, in the vicinity of a mall, was transferred To the facilities of the unit for its medical certification.
«It was then that, the required, verbally assaulted the experts, so he was transferred to the area of Sepans, where, according to the protocols established and once the respective proceedings are completed, will be released.»
Also, official contacts mentioned that Elías Álvarez has complaints in the decentralized organ of Mexico City for driving drunk and before the courts of Torreón, Coahuila.
Alvarez Hernández was secretary of SP from February 15, 2012 and resigned on February 27, 2013. It is emanated from the ranks of the Federal police. In July 2015 he threatened to armed a couple in the Oaxtepec, Morelos, at the bar «Las Tropicanas» and was arrested, that would be the first scandal in which he was involved.

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