translated from Spanish: Free functions «Chaika» at Puente Alto Cultural Center

Functions work «Chaika» 
In theatre of the Cultural center of Puente Alto, Av. Eyzaguirre 02115, Villa Primavera. 
Saturday, May 18, 17:00 and 19:00 hours.
Entry released prior to withdrawal of tickets at the same Cultural center. Limited quotas (300 entries).
Over 12 years old.
«Chaika», one of the most acclaimed plays in our country during the 2018, will visit our Cultural center of Puente Alto with three unmissable functions. The Assembly of the company Belova-Iacobelli, and winner of two prizes of the circle of critics of art, like better work and better performance, narrates an interesting history on the old age, of the identity and of the life of a woman of theatre.
The story takes place in an intimate atmosphere, in which one sees a major actress lost in a theatre, does not remember the reason of his presence in the site. As she approaches her, a young woman tells her that she is there to act the Seagull, from Chekhov: Her farewell from the theatre will be to interpret the role of Arkádina. The old woman finds the difficulty of being alone on stage. He does not remember his text or the order of the scenes, however, he must continue because the show has already started. The woman tries to act, navigating between Chekhov’s fiction and her own reality., and such as the characters in the Russian piece, is at a point in her life where she should choose whether to go ahead or give up
In 60 Minutes the audience will travel through different emotions, through laughter and tears, and be surprised by the great technical domain of the actress Tita Iacobelli, who manages to make the puppet seem to have life and the spectators forget that there is someone behind Moving it and talking for it.
Check out your tickets from Thursday 02 May, from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 20:00 hours, in the Cultural center of Puente Alto, Av. Eyzaguirre #02115, corner Andean foothills (Villa Primavera).

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