translated from Spanish: General asks military to not know mature

CARACAS (AP) — The General of Aviation Division Ramón Rangel, close collaborator of the deceased Hugo Chávez, asked the armed forces on Sunday not to know President Nicolás Maduro and to retake the constitutional principle that states that the Military are at the exclusive service of the nation and, in no case, the person or political bias whatsoever. Rangel–who under Chávez ‘ leadership participated on November 27, 1992 in that year’s second failed military uprising against then-president Carlos Andrés Perez–urged his peers through a four-minute video posted on YouTube He urged comrades in arms to turn their backs on Maduro. argued that with the support of the ruler «we are being traitors. Traitors to a constitution «which in its article 328″ is said that we should not be subservient to a person or political bias. » The uniformed said that for six years was in charge of the creation of a joint venture between the governments of Cuba and Venezuela and there was «witness» of how «the Cuban people have been subjected under the yoke of a dictatorship castrocomunista for more than 60 years.

«They live in conditions of poverty, that they are awarded a blockade, and it is false. They have formed a bud of that Castrocomunista group, which does not make the resources they have, which are many, it reaches the Cuban state. They’re cheating, and they know it. » Said that, like Cuba, in Venezuela the «Psychoterror» imposed by the state has generated «fear of the participation of the people and the military part in looking for the changes that are necessary to not have the conditions of life that we have today. We, being a rich country, live as a country poorer than any of the poorest on the African continent. » The United States and the local adversaries of Maduro have repeatedly rejected the influence that Cuba exerts on the Venezuelan socialist government, while denouncing that Havana has a military presence in Venezuela. No more Castrocomunismo for Venezuela. We have to be free, we have to be sovereign, to retake our sovereignty, «Rangel said, dressed as a civilian and who apparently has no troops under his command.» I feel that I, being in Cuba, was not only servile to political bias but also being servile to Castrocomunismo, which is what has led us to what we have today as a result of this union between Cuba and Venezuela » , said Rangel, who graduated of the Military Aviation School in 1987. » It’s time to get up, it’s time to fight this castrocomunismo, it’s time for the national armed force to become aware, «he added. The armed forces have traditionally served in Venezuela as the arbitrator that is settling political struggles. The opposition leader Juan Guaidó, who as head of the National Assembly proclaimed interim President in January, has reiterated that it is only necessary to add the military to end the mandate of Maduro and install a transitional government that calls for free elections what As soon as possible. Guaidó, is recognized by the United States and more than 50 countries that consider that last year’s mature re-election was illegitimate. Rocío San Miguel, president of the local NGO social Watch for security, defense and armed force, tweeted that the pronouncement of Rangel is very important because «know the business plot Caracas-Havana», the «Secrets of the treatment of Disease and death of Chavez «in the 2013 and» The pulse of the course that is taking the military chavismo in its rupture with Maduro. » The military chiefs in the main garrisons of the country show almost daily their fidelity to mature, although some cracks appear more and more frequently in the army sector.

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